Daniel Johns

Word Count: 258

Daniel Johns is a guitar player. He was born
in 1979. He has blonde hair and is 16 years old. One day
he heard a song on the radio with a guitar solo in it. He
thought it was cool, so he wanted to get a guitar. He didn’t
get one until about a year later. When he got the guitar
Chris Jonnou, Ben Gillies, and he, were bored. So they
decided to start a band. When they did they made up a
song called “Tomorrow.” They entered it into a contest that
was held in their city. The judges loved it, so they got to
record a single with the song “Tomorrow.” Their first
single. Then they played it on the radio and everybody
loved it. Everybody went and bought the single. A music
company called Epic records came to them and they signed
a record deal. They made their first album “Frogstomp.”
They started to put a band together in 1992. They started
in Australia. All of them lived about 5 minutes from each
other and went to the same school. They were only 12 and
13 years old. When they became famous they were only
15, but one of them just turned 16. They just went on their
first American tour, but they will be back this year for a
cross-country jaunt, opening for the Red Hot Chili
Peppers. Their first album “ Frogstomp”, at number 9 last
week, just went platinum, and their video “Tomorrow” is in
heavy rotation on MTV. Their CD “Frogstomp” is flying
out in stores across the country. But the best thing is that
the three of them combined are younger than Mick Jagger.