Computers, I Dont Like Computers. So Why Cant I Get A Job?

Computers, I Don\'t Like Computers. So Why Can\'t I Get A Job?

Today most jobs use computers. Employees are probably going to use one on the
job. A lot of people are being refused jobs because they don\'t have enough(If
any) Computer related experience. We are moving into the technology age whrere
most everything is going to be run by computers. Is this good? That doesn\'t
matter because people are trying to find the fastest way to get things done, and
computers are the answer. One of my relatives is having trouble finding a job in
a new city he just moved to. I feel sorry for him because he was not introduced
to computers when he began his career. If only he was born near the technology
age he might of been more succceptable to computers and would therefore have
more experience with them thus having more of a chance of getting a high paying
job. However computers are getting easier to operate as we speak. William Gates
said that microsoft\'s key role of Windows 95 was to make the operating system
easier for the average person to operate. My grandma is a key example, she was
born way before there was any PC\'s or networked offices. She remembers the big
punchcard monsters that she would have to insert cards into to give it
instructions. But my point is that she was not exposed to a computer as everyday
life. Now she is really behind so to speak in the computing world. Computers
back then were huge, they were usually stored in wharehouses. The earlier ones
used paper with holes in them to give it instructions. Later the pre-PC\'s used
tape cartridges to store data on. Then came along in 1979 the first real
personal computer. Apple came out on the market with the Apple PC. Two years
later IBM came out with their version of the personal computer. When IBM came
out with their computer they were now in the PC market. Apple\'s biggest mistake
was not to make MS-DOS their operating system and they failed the market due to
software. The computer was software driven like it is today. The computer is
just a paper weight without the software to go along with it. Microsoft\'s
success was getting into the market early wih software for the IBM personal
computer. Apple was not doing this as well as IBM and microsoft was. We are now
in the information age where information and computers are one. The information
age is going to be responsable for most of the world\'s changes. In the future
pc\'s are going to be connected as they are now, but with greater speeds, making
it possible to video teleconference with your friends and co-workers. Tv will
change too. Tv will be more interactive and direct, where you will be able to
watch shows when you wanna watch them. So the future of computing has a far way
to go before it will slowdown. I encourage everyone to be familiar with
computers now rather then later when they most need it.