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________ is the field that produces information us
ed primarily by managers within an organization. B) Management accounting An unfavorable variance occurs on a performance report when _. D) the actual revenue is less than the budgeted revenue Distribution is the function of the value chain that involves _. A) the mechanism by which a company delivers products or services to the customer A compensation plan where the sales force is paid salary plus commission is a _. B) mixed cost A hospital adds a new addition and needs to acquire some new equ...

Business economics, Accounting, Economy, Management accounting, Costs, Variance, Fixed cost, Cost
Vicki Nguyen
SILC 4310 Professor Jennifer Geer September 11, 2016 Reading Response 2 As a future educator, I want to treat language as strength and not a weakness. Growing up I always got annoyed when other students would always ask me to say something in Vietnamese. However, as the years progressed I learned that their questions come from a place of curiosity, and not hate. I want my students to feel comfortable to discuss their culture and thoughts behind them. I believe that students have the power to ed...

Linguistics, Language, Culture, Language acquisition, Bilingualism, Multilingualism, Sociology of language, First language, Neuroscience of multilingualism, Vietnamese language, Monolingualism
Vicki Nguyen
SILC 4313 Dr. Minter April 28, 2017 Final: Philosophy Statement As a past student of the ESL program, I feel that I can have a positive influence on students that have identified themselves as ELLs. My main objective is to help guide students who come from a diverse culture to have a successful school experience. I feel that I able relate and have a better understanding, knowing that I have experienced some of the same situations that they might face. My approach to teaching is to make every st...

Education, Learning, Behavior modification, Educational psychology, Pedagogy, Educational practices, English-language education, English-language learner, Second-language acquisition, Differentiated instruction, English as a second or foreign language, Technology integration
Access to Higher Education
Vicki Nguyen University of Houston- Clear Lake Tolerance says "I\'m allowing this occur." While acceptance says, "I approve of this." With this being said, universities seem to be tolerating what is happening to their admission process. Ethnicity and race are big contributing factor for students trying to apply to colleges, or anything for that matter. Mostly any survey you take, it always follows up with a question regarding ethnicity. Nerveless, ethnicity matters in many situations. To protec...

University and college admissions, Social inequality, Education, Structure, Discrimination, Politics, Education policy, Affirmative action, University of Texas at Austin, Fisher v. University of Texas, Policy debate, SAT
Vicki Nguyen
WMST 4438 Professor Zophy October 7, 2017 Pride and Prejudice Essay Throughout the novel, many themes help write the story. The theme that is the backbone of the story is love. Jane Austen writes one of the most cherish literatures of love that is seen in the courtship of Elizabeth and Darcy. For the two to realize their love for one another, they go through numerous things that block that desire. The theme of love is depicted at the end with a marriage proposal. The novel opens up with Austen...

Fiction, Literature, Arts, Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, Pride & Prejudice, Bennet family, Irony, Mr. William Collins, Reception history of Jane Austen, Styles and themes of Jane Austen
A Study of Structure in The Sound and the Fury
In his novel, The Sound and the Fury, William Faulkner employs a unique structural assembly to relay a compelling and complex plot to his readers. As he looked upon this work as a failure in its own right, Faulkner revealed, "...I wrote that same story four times. None of them were right...so I printed it in four sections" (Millgate 89). His intention upon writing this novel was not for the sole purpose of creating such a peculiar organization, but simply to relate a short story of, as he put i...

Literature, Style, Fiction, Arts, Modernist literature, Narratology, Point of view, The Sound and the Fury, Narration, William Faulkner, Benjy, Stream of consciousness
Andrea Barba
Lisa Spears ENGL 1601 September 13, 2017 The Graduate In The Graduat e the narrator uses an objective point of view throughout the movie in efforts to let the audience establish their own opinions and use the cues to take note of their own perspective of the going- ons in the story . In doing this , we as the audience establish our own thoughts , interpret things , and the characters in specific ways. For example, I believe after reading the story and having seen the film, that Benjamin is lost...

Fiction, Film, Cinema of the United States, English-language films, The Graduate, Ben Linus
The English Patient has been referred to as a po
The English Patient has been referred to as "a poem disguised as a novel." Much emphasis is directed toward Michael Ondaatje\'s language, which "takes center stage, gliding and soaring, drifting into the hidden rooms of his character\'s souls, striking dissonant chords, floating above destinies with Godlike power in one sentence, burrowing into the muddy terror of a bomb crater in the next." The beauty of Ondaatje\'s novel does not arise from its plot, nor from its characterizations, the intri...

Academy Awards, Literature, English-language films, Films, The English Patient, Michael Ondaatje, Anthony Minghella, Wake, Prose poetry, Poetry
It is an undeniable fact that parents in Asian cou
ntry emphasize on children\'s result. People says, "the more As, the more chance you will get succeed." But it is a straight As student or 4 flat student guaranteed of success? Good grades are important only in as far as they allow you to choose the course and the university you like. It acts like a ticket, allow you to enter. However, how you survive in university is not only depend on IQ but EQ as well. Some of the most successful people in the world were not top students. For example, Albert...

Educational psychology, Psychology, Learning, Neuropsychology, Emotions, Cognitive science, Intelligence, Systems science, Creativity, Anger
Hatice Durğut
Dr. Milagros ENGL 111.01 19 October 2017 Summary of the Article "Size 6: Western Women\'s Harem" According to her article, "Size 6: Western Women\'s Harem" (2002) Fatema Mernissi, a Moroccan sociologist, and an Islamic scholar, claims that male oppression in the fashion business in the West is a predicament affecting the gender roles of women. The occurrence takes place in a department store in America when Mernissi endeavours to purchase a skirt, after which she ends up being told that she can...

Islamic feminists, Islam, Fatema Mernissi, Harem